REAFRichmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
REAFRoyal Egyptian Air Force
REAFRace Equality Advisory Forum (Ministry for Social Justice; Scotland, UK)
REAFRevised Engineer Active Force
REAFRecreating Enhanced Areas for Fish (fish sustainability project; New Zealand)
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[50.] SAE International Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice, "Recommended Practice for Performance Rating of Electric Vehicle Battery Modules," SAE Standard J1798, Reaf. July 2008.
He asked that the commission formally reaf firm its contract with the company.
(9) The Ministry of Agrarian Development played a decisive role in the creation of the Specialized Meeting on Family Farming of Mercosur (REAF), comprising family farmers, rural organisations and institutions of member countries.
Bahrain Financial Harbour Distribution Station (BFH DS) will supply potable water to the newly developed areas near and around Bahrain Financial Harbour like Bahrain Bay, City Centre Developments, Reaf Island and Al Futtaim Developments.
In the class of the adjective, he distinguishes those formed with the vowel of the present, like scin 'extraordinary appearance' ~ scinan 'to shine' and reod 'red' ~ reodan 'to redden'; with the vowel of the preterite singular, like hnag 'bent' ~ hnigan 'to bend down' as well as reafol 'rapacious' ~ reaf 'to spoil'; and with the vowel of the past participle, such as aeswic 'offensive' ~ swican 'to move about' and flugol 'apt to fly'~ fleogan 'to fly'.