REAGReal Estate Action Group (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
REAGRace Equality Action Group (UK)
REAGResearch Equipment Affinity Group (est. 2000)
REAGRisk and Exposure Assessment Group (toxicology; US EPA)
REAGRadiation Effects and Analysis Group (US NASA)
REAGReproductive Effects Assessment Group
REAGReceiver Agent (job title)
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The REAG brand is now unified with the rest of Duff & Phelps, going to market as the Duff & Phelps Real Estate Advisory Group with a newly adopted logo.
For a more complete discussion of the REAG case, see Frank and Cooper, 22-24.
The FA contend that REAG were informed after Terry had been called up by Fabio Capello for the Spain friendly and that any other matters are subject to an investigation both by them and the police.
But a REAG source said last night: "We feel we have been set up by the FA just to tick a box.
The court, in concluding that the appraisers were independent contractors and not the employees of REAG, based its decision on both the common law rules and the safe havens.
A work space was provided at REAG, but appraisers were not assigned specific offices.
If an appraiser was terminated, REAG assigned the job to another appraiser.
REAG provided computer database subscriptions and plat maps of Oklahoma, which proved to be important tools.
REAG provided telephones and paid rent on the building.
The workers had signed contracts with REAG, suggesting that they intended to be treated as independent contractors, and they received absolutely no fringe benefits.
REAG had an errors and omissions policy that covered the workers.
And although it was necessary to meet the burden of proof on only one ground,(6) the judge found that REAG had proved its case on three separate grounds: adherence to the common law factors that help classify a worker as an independent contractor; reliance on a longstanding practice of a significant segment of the industry; and identification of a reasonable basis for not treating the appraisers as employees.