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The Prince accordingly made her his wife; being now convinced that he had found a real Princess.
But," exclaimed Carthoris, "this is not real food--it was not here an instant since, and real food does not materialize out of thin air.
There is no real food or water in Lothar," he said; "nor has there been for countless ages.
It may always be asked whether a writer of Romance makes his world seem convincingly real as we read or whether he frankly abandons all plausibility.
We should consider whether he makes them (1) merely caricatures, or (2) type characters, standing for certain general traits of human nature but not convincingly real or especially significant persons, or (3) genuine individuals with all the inconsistencies and half-revealed tendencies that in actual life belong to real personality.
I do not refuse, brother Andres," said the farmer, "be good enough to come along with me, and I swear by all the orders of knighthood there are in the world to pay you as I have agreed, real by real, and perfumed.
For the perfumery I excuse you," said Don Quixote; "give it to him in reals, and I shall be satisfied; and see that you do as you have sworn; if not, by the same oath I swear to come back and hunt you out and punish you; and I shall find you though you should lie closer than a lizard.
Well, it all happened just as she hoped, for Peter found the letter, and of course nothing could be easier for the fairies than to turn the goat into a real one, and so that is how Peter got the goat on which he now rides round the Gardens every night playing sublimely on his pipe.
He wasn't strong and it was a shock to him, because he was real fond of the child, though, as I've said, Leslie was his favorite.
I was taken home, nervous and overwrought, sick with the invasion of my real life by that other life of my dreams.
These dreams were real while they lasted, but when he was awake he remembered them little if at all.
That it is a fairyland and no real world which Spenser opens to us is the great difference between Chaucer and him.