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In certain cases a dictionary article provides a detailed comment on the appearance of realia. E.g.: poaee 'a blanket of reindeer skin (sewn of woolly reindeer skins with hair inside; the bottom part is a pocket of about 50 cm where 2 or 3 persons can put their feet; the top is bell-shaped, body sides are tucked up in it)' (CPC 293); [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'a belt (for men, made of yuft or cowhide, 10 cm wide, clasped by ornamented metal buckles.
The examples presented here also showed that detailed scenarios with detailed assessment plans are best, and that realia such as picture-naming tasks and other tools add a further authentic flavour.
G.C.: Words in their tangible physicality and words as traces of history, the imprinting of civilizations and ways of conceiving of and looking at realia: ways of knowing about and feeling about and perceiving a drop of rain.
Realia's other main shareholder, Spain-based commercial bank Bankia SA (BME:BKIA), might also offload its holding to Hispania, according to one of the sources close to the matter.
The use of realia in teaching by the teacher causes the presented materials to be placed in structure cognition of the students and the students arrive at meaningful learning.
We encourage educators to reflect upon their content knowledge and pedagogical skill and implement research-proven methods (scaffolded instruction, cooperative learning, group-based projects) and strategies (TPR, visuals) to enhance comprehensibility for teaching mathematical concepts to ELL students (hands-on, manipulatives, realia), boost their learning confidence (peer support), and actively engage them in activities (flexible grouping).
The creditor banks of Realia foreclosed on real estate debts of $1.1 billion that expired on May 31.
"Taking into consideration all these realia, I think that we have to revise the Armenian-American relations and give them a new kick", -
Rekreacines vietoves, ju gamtinis potencialas ir nekilnojamasis turtas igavo realia verte.
It also has 20 per cent of technology group Indra, 27 per cent of insurer Realia, nearly 16 per cent of hotel group NH Hoteles, 5.3 per cent of Iberdrola and 15 per cent of Mapfre.
As for teaching materials in CLT, Richards and Rodgers (1995) advocate the use of realia, that is, authentic materials drawn from real life.