REALISReasearch Education and Light Information Service (Ukraine)
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Where Olshtain and Kupferberg (1998) found pre-service teacher narratives grounded in irrealis, the hypothetical, we found that pre-service teachers in our setting did speak to realis classroom experiences, but they did so from the perspective of language students rather than teachers.
Incorporating Canon's expertise in optical and imaging technology the new REALiS WUX500 features a number of new advances and inherits many key features from the existing line, most notably Canon's proprietary LCOS Technology with AISYS-enhancement which delivers virtually seamless images with outstanding color reproduction, a powerful image processing engine that helps ensure superb image quality and also provides an array of advanced functions (Built-in Edge Blending, Picture by Picture, 24p Support, etc.
REM pasado remoto PRS presente PREC pasado reciente S sujeto V verbo SUST sustantivo ADJ adjetivo FP frase posposicional DEF defectivo ST sustantivador MS Marcador de sujeto DEM demostrativo PRON pronombre FIN Marcador de finalidad MAL Malefactivo DES Desinencia MIR Marcador de indefinido realis IN 1 Inventario 1 IN 2 Inventario 2 PSD Poseido
Vale mencionar aqui a observacao de Givon (1995), referida na secao teorica, a respeito da assercao negada no eixo da modalidade epistemica: embora possa ser vista como irrealis por ser nao realizada, do ponto de vista pragmatico se comporta como realis por ser fortemente asserida.
The girl's evaluative stance involves a reaction to a place-based stimulus, which grammatically is called realis, rather than irrealis.
It is hoped that the use of education helping tools and realis is internalized one day to cause dynamic and mobility.
Evidentiality was appropriately included in a classification of verbal moods by the late 1980s: realis and irrealis, with the indicative and non-eyewitness moods falling under the former and in the imperative and conditional under the latter ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1988: 102-118; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1989: 7-18.
Dort sind bereits einzelne Hochschulgebaude nachgebaut worden, so dass Teilnehmende die Moglichkeit haben, ihren Avatar (in Second Life gesteuer te Figuren, hinter denen jeweils eine reale Person steckt) in einem durchaus realis tisch gestalteten Ort zu bewegen und mit anderen Avataren zu interagieren.
In this way, men got over the idea that the Hun sniper did everything superhuman and realis gave Wh to av also s scout sed what not to do.
When you start studying zoology in detail you realis that animals are fantastically diverse, not only in the way they look, but also in the way they live.
I'd always felt partly responsible for what happened, but it made me realis that I wasn't responsible - he was, he was the adult.