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It was now day-light, and I returned to my house without waiting to congratulate with the emperor: because, although I had done a very eminent piece of service, yet I could not tell how his majesty might resent the manner by which I had performed it: for, by the fundamental laws of the realm, it is capital in any person, of what quality soever, to make water within the precincts of the palace.
Even in the constitutional realm of Trade Winds, north and south of the equator, ships are overtaken by strange disturbances.
Then Merlin went to the Archbishop of Canterbury and counselled him for to send for all the lords of the realm, and all the gentlemen of arms, that they should come to London afore Christmas upon pain of cursing, and for this cause, that as Jesus was born on that night, that he would of his great mercy show some miracle, as he was come to be king of all mankind, for to show some miracle who should be right wise king of this realm.
At once, O untravelled reader, you see how lunatic and blasphemous is the realm I am trying to describe to you in the language of John Barleycorn's tribe.
Her only experiences in such matters were of the books, where the facts of ordinary day were translated by fancy into a fairy realm of unreality; and she little knew that this rough sailor was creeping into her heart and storing there pent forces that would some day burst forth and surge through her in waves of fire.
She was held in awe by the whole realm, for she had made everybody believe she was a great sorceress.
Introduced 2 years ago, Realm is planned to deliver an easier, more performant option to use on-device technologies like SQLite or Core Data.
Battle Realms Legends is a collectible card game RPG that also draws upon the franchise's real-time strategy roots by introducing territorial control and resource management into the mix.
to see a photo of the Cleric from the official website of "Shadow Realms.
11 December 2013 - UK online gaming products developer Gaming Realms Ltd on Wednesday announced the takeover of domestic specialist online gaming marketing agency Quick Think Media Ltd (QTM) for GBP2.
4) In the city these 'capsules' include such developments as gated residential and business estates, and the privatised ersatz public realm of the mall, all under CCTV surveillance, pervaded by capsularised electronic entertainment and isolated and adrift from context to be linked by the safety of the mobile capsule of the car.
Separation" is thus the relegation of religion to the realm of the private.