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REARMRenovation of Armament Manufacturing (US Army program)
REARMUnderway Rearming
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A man was arrested on suspicion of rearms and drugs oences, as well as assault.
The enclave was largely quiet Monday after Israel and Hamas declared separate cease-fires, but Israel is warning Hamas it will attack again if the terrorists try to rearm.
Summary: Hamas vowed Monday to rearm in after the Gaza war
It's the rare toddler who doesn't respond by flinging his entire bread stash on the ground and fleeing to parents, who invariably rearm him or her and send them back into the fray.
At the same time, if the quest for peace failed, Britain needed to buy time in which to rearm, though this inevitably meant giving Germany more time to continue rearming as well.
Kennedy's ability to concede defeat gracefully and rearm himself for another good fight.
Fresh-faced Jackley, described as "a very quiet lad" is being held in a US jail for allegedly using fake ID to buy a rearm from a gun store in Waterbury, Vermont.
Forcing withdrawal to sanctuaries only means the Taliban will regroup, retrain and rearm to strike again.
The alarm is bypassed and will rearm in 15 seconds.
We can, in the middle of nowhere, refuel ourselves and rearm ourselves with ordnance and get back into the fight on very short notice.
In light of the need for forty minutes just to respot the strike, not to mention the time needed to rearm, this gives a grossly optimistic impression of Nagumo's chances of launching a strike before Tomonaga's returning force would begin to occupy the flight decks at 0837.