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REARMRenovation of Armament Manufacturing (US Army program)
REARMUnderway Rearming
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"It is important to tell you we respect the national debate currently underway regarding fi rearms and safety," Monheit and Debney said in the letter.
"Armed ocers were dispatched to the scene as a precautionary measure after it was reported that a man involved in the incident was carrying a rearm.
"A specially-trained tactical response team was deployed to the scene at 4pm on Friday following reports that a man armed with a rearm had taken an individual hostage in a public area of the building.
My job was to rearm and refuel the Spitfires and Hurricanes.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that any moves to rearm and modernize Russia's navy--including the Baltic Fleet--would take place within the framework of an already announced military reform drive.
"Rearm is the same in Windows 7 as in Vista," noted Brian Livingston, the editor of Windows Secrets, in an interview yesterday.<p>Microsoft introduced product activation in 2001's Office XP and also used it in that year's Windows XP.
He said: "This is being done to present Russia as an enemy, and as long as there is an enemy, they ask for help and rearm. Here is the gist of the problem."
Israel had called for a foreign presence in Gaza to ensure that Hamas would not rearm and carry out attacks, but the Palestinians say they will not accept a foreign presence.
The enclave was largely quiet Monday after Israel and Hamas declared separate cease-fires, but Israel is warning Hamas it will attack again if the terrorists try to rearm.
Summary: Hamas vowed Monday to rearm in after the Gaza war
It's the rare toddler who doesn't respond by flinging his entire bread stash on the ground and fleeing to parents, who invariably rearm him or her and send them back into the fray.