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REBIFREcombinant Beta InterFeron (Serono Group multiple sclerosis treatment)
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'The new data we will be sharing at ECTRIMS touch on several important topics for the scientific community, including long-term safety and efficacy data for MAVENCLAD, long-term efficacy data for interferon beta therapies, including Rebif, and data further elucidating evobrutinib's proposed unique mechanism of action and its potential as a novel therapeutic approach in MS,' said Luciano Rossetti, Head of Global R&D for EMD Serono.
* Rebif stable, volume erosion in EU due to competition is outweighed by U.S.
The global multiple sclerosis treatment market segmentation is based on drug class (Immunomodulators - Ampyra, Avonex/Plegridy, Betaseron/Extavia, Copaxone, Gilneya, Rebif, Tecifidera, Tysabri; and Immunosuppressants - Aubagio, Lemtrada, Ocrelizumab, Zinbryta).
Among the most common AEs associated with IFNB treatment are flu-like symptoms (including myalgia, headache, fever, and fatigue), gastrointestinal upset (including abdominal pain and nausea), elevation of liver enzymes, depression, hematological abnormalities, and injection site reactions (Avonex, 2006; Betaseron, 2008; Rebif, 2008).
IFN-beta-1a (Rebif) and IFN-beta-1b (Betaferon) are beneficial in SPMS, specifically where superimposed relapses occur.
The dominance of first-line injectable DMTs, including the interferon beta (IFNB) agents: Bayer's Betaseron/Betaferon (IFNB-1b), Biogen's Avonex (IFNB-1a) and Merck's Rebif (IFNB-1a), and Teva's Copaxone (glatiramer acetate), has been a salient feature of the MS therapeutics market.
The research showed that alemtuzumab significantly reduced the number of attacks or relapses by people with MS compared to the current drug interferon beta-1a which is known commercially as Rebif.
* Interferon beta-1a (Avonex, Rebif): Both Avonex and Rebif are FDA-approved for people with relapsing forms of MS to decrease the frequency of exacerbations and slow progression of disability.
Campath cut the rate of relapse in multiple sclerosis 69% more than Merck KGaA's (Darmstadt DEU) Rebif after five years, according to a study reported last week at the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis meeting in Sweden.
Campath halted the development of disease-related disabilities and prevented relapses in 71 percent of patients in a four-year study, compared with 35 percent with Merck KGaA's competing product Rebif, according to data reported at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in Toronto.
Merck makes the multiple sclerosis drug Rebif and owns the rights to cancer drug Erbitux in Europe but last year failed to win regulatory approval for the use of Erbitux against lung tumors, the most common form of cancer, and the prospects for U.S.
Stunningly, a version offingolimod by Novartis has been launched as well as a bio similar version of EMD Serono`s Rebif. The Iranian pharmaceutical firm CinnaGen Biopharma is rumoured to be releasing another interferon beta-1a preparation, despite its first MS drug CinnoVex already available in the country.