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REBSReal Estate Business Services, Inc. (California)
REBSRapidly Emplaced Bridging System
REBSRedwood Empire Bonsai Society (Santa Rosa, CA)
REBSRadiation Energy Balance Systems (radiometer brand)
REBSReal Estate Business School (South Africa)
REBSResidual-Energy-Based Tree Splitting
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Once a new threat is found, a raman laser with its camera can read its spectrograph and send the results wirelessly to other REBS devices around the world.
The REBS under-ride bar assembly is removed and stowed prior to launch and retrieval of the bridge, connection of the PLS trailer (PLST) to the CBT, or whenever the pallet is unloaded to the ground.
Of the 25 REBS that rejected the research project, some specified that the inclusion of placebo use without treatment was their main or indeed the only reason for rejection.