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RECARecombination Protein A
RECARadiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990
RECAResponsible Electronic Communication Alliance
RECAResponsible Energy Codes Alliance (Washington, DC)
RECAResidual Capability Assessment
RECAReal Estate Consumer Association (Australia)
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The TAO-Gen algorithm was applied to real time PCR data on nine genes (recA, lexA, ssb, recF, dinI, umuDC rpoD, rpoH, and rpoS) from the SOS pathway in E.
Pamperin said that the Department of Justice also administers a compensation program for atomic veterans under RECA, but emphasizes that accepting payment from Justice precludes vets from being eligible for VA compensation.
RECA determines eligibility by a rather arcane formula (based on "working level months," calculated from time spent underground and the relative toxicity of the site).
Besides the extra DNA and the more efficient RecA, the most important element may be the bacterium's ability to shut down its cell-building activities while the DNA is being repaired.
Eventually, after the Supreme Court refused to hear it, they struggled yet again for compensatory legislation, a struggle they had to continue even after RECA was signed into law: The millworkers were omitted from RECA eligibility!
For a variety of reasons, securing compensation under RECA turned out to be difficult for the Navajos; not least of those reasons was the Justice Department's delay and obstruction.
From the moment Laurin learned of the hijacking in 1971, he and several of his friends wondered whether it was their intrepid friend Reca, who they said had a penchant for breaking the law.
A area (RECA) esta localizada no distrito de Nova California, extremo oeste de Porto Velho, no km 160 da rodovia BR 364, que liga as capitais Porto Velho--RO e Rio Branco--AC.
During the SOS response, the bacterial protease RecA becomes active and cleaves the phage repressor cI, which maintains the phage in a quiescent state under non-SOS conditions.
The regulating protein in this process is RecA, which significantly increases its concentration at the start of the bacteria DNA repair mechanism induced by antibiotics.
Ease of use and accuracy make the Spectrolinker ideal for many applications including the elimination of polymerase chain reaction contamination, crosslinking of DNA and RNA, nicking ethidiumbromide-stained DNA, gene mapping, RecA mutation screening and testing, UV sterilization, W-induced polymerization, UV intensity monitoring and various other W-dosage applications, according to the company.
On October 15, 1990, in order to establish a procedure to make partial restitution to these victims for their suffering associated with the radiation exposure, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) was enacted.