RECAMPReinforcement of African Peacekeeping Capacities
RECAMPReal Estate Client Agent Marketing Program (Tulsa, OK)
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The concept of RECAMP symbolizes the reorientation of French security policy in sub-Saharan Africa.
The EMA promotes the concept with the help of the RECAMP ambassador; it defines the actions of the foreign armies that wish to participate; it creates the multinational exercises and it defines the topics of RECAMP seminars; it ensures the maintenance of the equipment in RECAMP depots; it establishes the actions of the prepositioned forces within the framework of RECAMP; it commands the French officers detached to African armies; and it coordinates the administrative and logistical support of the programs.
Originally, RECAMP was conceived as "an initiative to beef up the capacity of African states, under the aegis of the United Nations and in close co-operation with the Organization of African Unity (OAU), to conduct peacekeeping operations in Africa.
Yet, both pre- and post-Licorne RECAMP innovate in the sense that they represent the multilateralization of French military policy through "an 'Africanization' of regional security and a 'multi-nationalization' of Western interests exemplified by Franco-British and American-led initiatives to create regional peacekeeping forces.
According to the EMA, RECAMP responds to three needs: (1) the desire expressed by Africans to take their responsibility in the prevention and the resolution of their conflicts and crises; (2) the international community's preoccupation with violent conflicts and instability; and (3) the renewal of French security policy in sub-Saharan Africa.
RECAMP aims to consolidate regional integration in order to favor an atmosphere of cooperation and dialogue.
In concrete terms however, RECAMP is primarily concerned with training.
The second element of RECAMP concerns training exercises that are planned and conducted by the EMIA-FE (Etat-major interarmees de force et d'entrainement).
The third and last element of RECAMP concerns military equipment.
It remains to be seen whether or not RECAMP will bring peace, stability, and an independent African capability to prevent and resolve crises.
As Bagayoko-Penone argues, RECAMP might have been conceived with regions and subregions in mind, but this regionalization is largely limited by the subregional location of the RECAMP cycle.
Desde RECAMP 1 se han sumado numerosos paises donadores: Belgica, Canada, Espana, Dinamarca.