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RECCRural Electric Cooperative Corporation
RECCREVA Electric Car Company (Bangalore, India)
RECCReverse Control Channel
RECCReentry Cone and Casing
RECCReal Estate Chamber of Commerce
RECCReportback Emergency Control Circuit
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O territorio da Comuna, as bordas de uma area de protecao ambiental, a RECC, e alvo frequente de despojos de madeira, ainda que os playadorenos invistam no resguardo dos seus bosques primarios.
A spokesperson for the Renewable Energy Association, which set up the RECC to protect consumers, said: "The number of complaints have gone up, but that's only because the industry is growing.
el numero de municipios de la RECC asciende a 112, lo que representa una porcion muy exigua del total existente en Espana (el 1,4% de los 8.
The Bangalore-based RECC has an installed capacity of 6,000 electric cars annually.
Fuel cell systems offer a promising technology of the future with advantages that include zero emissions, high efficiency and minimal noise," said RECC chairman Sudarshan Maini.
86) In a similar vein, it was also reported that the National Young Peoples' Board of the RECC urged the Canadian Committee of the World Council of Churches to co-sponsor an interdenominational conference for Canadian youth, "in order that we may confront together our common problems of rehabilitation--in the realm of personal living; in the economic and social sphere; and on a world scale; and in order that we may find together unity, strength, morale and vision; to make real in our life Christian principles which are now seen as no longer a spiritual luxury but a stern practical necessity.
First, the control channels are digital by design and utilize majority voting as error detection for all messages sent over the RECC.
It uses a regression approach to estimate the marginal investment per kilowatt of peak demand and then amortizes (levelizes) this investment cost by multiplying by the RECC, yielding an annual dollar amount per kilowatt-year which is equivalent in real terms to the investment in dollars per kilowatt.
The most common complaints the RECC receives include: |Deposits or advance payments that have not been returned by the installers after the customer has cancelled.
com, Hydrogenics will provide fuel cellstacks for the project, while RECC will develop hydrogen-powered vehicles based on its electric vehicle technology.
Dan Brewer is a native of Illinois and has been President/CEO of Blue Grass RECC since 1992.