RECFReceiving Force
RECFRisk of Excess Cancer Fatalities
RECFRapid Evaluation of Cognitive Functions Test (neurology)
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Estacoes Latitude Longitude POAL -30[degrees] 04' 26,5527" -51[degrees] 07' 11,1532" POLI -23[degrees] 33' 20,3323" -46[degrees] 43' 49,1232" MGUB -18[degrees] 55' 08,988" -48[degrees] 15' 21,7777" NAUS -03[degrees] 01' 22,5108" -60[degrees] 03' 18,0599" RECF -08[degrees] 03' 03,4697" -34 57 05,4591" CHUA -19[degrees] 45' 43,3362" -48[degrees] 06' 05,6967" Fonte: IBGE (2012).
determined the RECF in the calf while a blood pressure cuff restricted blood flow [25].
Electrode removal and reapplication changed the RECF measurement by 0.05 [ohm] for subject N1 and 0.12 [ohm] for subject N2.
The TAO-Gen algorithm was applied to real time PCR data on nine genes (recA, lexA, ssb, recF, dinI, umuDC rpoD, rpoH, and rpoS) from the SOS pathway in E.
In addition, recombinant sequences were confirmed in patients' samples by using the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primers RECF (5'-CTCAACAGAGCTGTGCTAGTCATGCAATCC-3'; nucleotide positions 5229-5258) and RECR (5'-TCCACTGAGGTTGAGAAAACCATATTGCAC-3'; nucleotide positions 5748-5777), designed on the basis of isolates SHA63 and SHA66 genome sequences and DNA sequencing.