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Summary: King Mohammed VI received on Monday a phone call from Turkish President Tayeb Recip Erdogan, the Royal Office said Monday.
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI received on Monday a phone call from Turkish President Tayeb Recip Erdogan, the Royal Office said Monday.
I learned a thing or two during the hundreds of dusty hours behind my recip saws.
Prime Minister Recip Tayyab Erdogan, whose AK Party won three general elections, restructured the economy, spawned a new elite of Anatolian entrepreneurs (the Kaysari, Trabazon and Sivas pashas), defanged the Bonapartist (Kemalist) generals of the military high command, attracted more FDI in a decade than in the entire 90-year history of the Turkish Republic, has lost his aura of invincibility with a vengeance.
A: The best way to sever the spikes to free the logs is to use a reciprocating saw, known as a recip saw, but also generically called a "Sawzall.''
ANKARA, 7 Mar: Turkish Prime Minister Mr Recip Tayyip Erdogan has suggested Turkey could ban Facebook and YouTube after elections this month, in his latest response to a series of leaks of his private conversations on the internet.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- When Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdoy-an meets European Union officials and European Parliament (EP) representatives in Brussels tomorrow, Internet freedom may be one of the items on the top of the agenda.
The park's demolition had been opposed by some 100,000 signatories to a petition and by local political representatives, yet was still scheduled to go ahead after receiving strong support from Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan himself.
C'est a croire que Tayip Recip Ordogan compte bien profiter de la breche qui lui est largement ouverte par les Americains et les Israeliens pour qu'il leur impose la seule condition sine qua non qui vaille.
Al-Hayat al-Jadida choose to highlight its main front page story on the meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State John Kerry in Istanbul but focused its story on Kerry asking Turkey's premier, Recip Tayyib Erdogan, to postpone his visit to the Gaza Strip.
At the 2009 Annual Meeting I was the fascinated spectator of a furious row between Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli President Shimon Peres who was trying to defend his country's brutal assault on Gaza.