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RECLAIMRegional Clean Air Incentives Market
RECLAIMReading Council for Literacy Advance in Montreal (Canada; est. 1980)
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"Have you heard--when those starving and sinning fellow-creatures happened to be women--of Refuges established to protect and reclaim them?"
The matron sent me out to service with the character that I had honestly earned--the character of a reclaimed woman.
For her I with my own hands left a packet at the prison, on my way here, with a letter of instructions, "FOR HIS SAKE"--she will do anything for his sake--to keep it without breaking the seal, in case of its being reclaimed before the hour of shutting up to-night--if it should not be reclaimed before the ringing of the prison bell, to give it to him; and it encloses a second copy for herself, which he must give to her.
Splendid as the waters that drop with resounding thunder from high ledges of rock, and plunge downwards into the blue depths of night, was the presence of love she dreamt, drawing into it every drop of the force of life, and dashing them all asunder in the superb catastrophe in which everything was surrendered, and nothing might be reclaimed. The man, too, was some magnanimous hero, riding a great horse by the shore of the sea.
'Your having interfered in this dear boy's behalf before,' said Rose; 'your coming here, at so great a risk, to tell me what you have heard; your manner, which convinces me of the truth of what you say; your evident contrition, and sense of shame; all lead me to believe that you might yet be reclaimed. Oh!' said the earnest girl, folding her hands as the tears coursed down her face, 'do not turn a deaf ear to the entreaties of one of your own sex; the first--the first, I do believe, who ever appealed to you in the voice of pity and compassion.
Some of the prominent players in the global reclaimed rubber market are Fishfa Rubbers Ltd (Gujarat), GRP LTD (Mumbai), Rolex Reclaim Pvt.
All American Reclaim owner Andy Michaelis said Monday that a grand opening is planned for September.
RECLAIM is an award-winning free social action and youth leadership programme with a focus on working class young people.
The company was given the right to reclaim the land in exchange for relocating squatters and residents affected by the construction of the Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR).
The reclaim evaluated in this study is cured HCR silicone compound that has been devulcanized using a unique and innovative process.
Book a bike ride today and reclaim your public space because we're too tired of hearing that bikes aren't for women!
"When the contractor showed the map plan of the construction, the site was specified as "to be reclaimed".Without our knowledgeMr Swazuri said the reclamation was being done without the knowledge of his office.