RECMARevue des Etudes Cooperatives, Mutualistes et, Associatives
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Contractor address : RECMA SCRL Finalit Sociale, Rue Du Tris 45 4100 Seraing Belgique
All of which has led to growth of 195 per cent across the past three years, according to media researchcompany RECMA.
MEC, a global leading media agency, is named the most competitive agency in Europe in RECMA s 2012 Competitiveness in Pitches report, achieving A and A+ grades in 8 markets.
The RECMA Competitiveness in pitches 2012 report analysed key pitches and moves across 46 countries in 2012.
Earlier this month Paris-based research agency RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency industry) named Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) the MENA region's number one ranked media agency for 2013.
2014 was a record year for us in terms of many wins such as the RECMA ranking, as well as the MENA Cristal Agency of the Year; the Dubai Lynx Agency of the Year, the Cannes Lions Media Network of the Year and the 2014 Festival of Media Network of the Year.
Paris-based research agency RECMA (Research Compa- ny Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) has named Starcom MediaVest Group the number one ranked agen- cy in the MENA region in its 2013 Global Billings Rank- ings Report.
Secondly, Viv- aKi's (parent company of SMG) market share now stands at 24 per cent across the MENA region, according to data supplied by RECMA.