RECOFTCRegional Community Forestry Training Center (Asia & the Pacific)
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Kalpana Giri of RECOFTC highlighted that representation, resources and rights are the key entry-points for inclusion.
During my first visit to Silalaeng in 1997, I had a conversation with a Thai forester who was participating in the RECOFTC community forestry field school.
Village forest permits began in earnest in 2009, supported by the NGO RECOFTC and UNHAS.
Secondly, the BUMDes neither understood their position about HD management plans, nor their management responsibility in executing the objectives drawn up in the permit plans facilitated by RECOFTC and UNHAS.
In line with these concerns, attendants of the 2012 Policy Dialogue on Forest and Land Tenure Review and Reform organized by the Center for People and Forest (RECOFTC) collectively agreed on the urgent need for forest and land tenure policy reform in Thailand to ensure fair and sustainable management of forest resources (Srivijittakar 2012) and to enable successful REDD+ implementation in the long-term.
The results from this study echo broader trends in the Asia-Pacific region, where research is pointing to the growing importance of community forestry associations in facilitating citizens' claiming political and civil rights and thereby promoting more democratic, inclusive development (RECOFTC 2013).
Hence, a demonstrated capacity by communities to sustainably manage and monitor forests, a strong CF network, and a supportive legal and policy framework in Nepal reveal a supportive foundation for the successful implementation of REDD+ (Bluffstone and Robinson 2012, RECOFTC 2008).