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In fact, during the consultation phase to create a draft statute of the RECOM fact-finding body, the driving NGO forces of the campaign, particularly the Humanitarian Law Center, adopted a strategy that followed a state-centric logic, in order to gain support from governments and political leaders.
Next, after briefly introducing the RECOM Initiative and its difficulties, I describe the early grass-roots discussions of RECOM's mandate drawing on two local consultations in Knin, Croatia and Krusevac, Serbia.
The Origins and Initial Challenges of the RECOM Process
30) By May 2008, these organizations had gained enough momentum and launched the Coalition for RECOM Initiative in Pristina, Kosovo, with over 100 NGOs from the region.
Since the official constitutional meeting of the RECOM coalition in Pristina in 2008 the initiative has faced internal politicking and difficulties.
With this global distribution agreement, RECOM Power, Inc.
As RECOM's extensive portfolio of high-end modular power supplies continues to grow, so does our need for outstanding distribution partners," said Christoph Wolf, vice president of sales - Americas for RECOM Power, Inc.
RECOM is an internationally leading and multiple certified German manufacturer for DC/DC converters, LED Drivers (constant current), Switching Regulators and AC/DC modules.
We are looking forward to partnering with RECOM POWER to offer our customers full-power solutions, in particular for lighting and industrial control applications," said Robert Hanley, vice president of marketing and asset management at Arrow Electronics.
Arrow has the ability to provide outstanding support to our customers and sales rep network," said Christoph Wolf, vice president of sales, RECOM POWER.
Richard Halliday, Global Product Director at Premier Farnell said: Over the past decade, RECOM has invested heavily in product development, quality and in expanding its global footprint.
Karsten Bier, CEO at RECOM said: We are excited about the opportunity to extend our Asian franchise with Premier Farnell to EMEA and to the Americas.