RECOMPRepairs Completed
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LLC, OKC; Bayless 1; n2 ne ne 1-5n-2w; 330' fnl & 660' fel; TD 8120' Recomp., 7960' Bromide
LLC, OKC; Wise 1-7; ne sw sw 7-13n-1w; 750' fsl & 850' fwl; TD 6150' Recomp., 5642' Prue
The program "Recomp 434 Driver" was written in order to transfer of date from the receiver to PC (Kainka & Berndt, 2000).
Co., Inc.; Recomp, Inc., A Bonneville Pacific Co.; Portec, Kolberg Div.; Renewable Energy Systems, Inc.; Resource Recovery Systems of Nebraska, Inc.
This outcome was based on a validated refill adherence algorithm called ReComp (Bryson et al.
A second project will provide money and soiled diapers to Recomp, Inc., St.
We calculated monthly medication adherence to OHAs and antihypertensive medications using the ReCOMP algorithm, a modification of a widely used method that has been validated and correlated with a variety of clinical outcomes (Steiner et al.