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Even though it was challenging, we earned our RECONDO badges.
Powered by Recondo's patented ReconBot technology, AuthInitiate inputs and retrieves web-based information from payers' websites at astonishing speed, automating what is manual today.
First, Recondo drives automated queries of payer websites to gather benefit-level information.
Sobre reflexiones acerca de la representacion politica de las "minorias" en Colombia y America Latina--concebidas como tales desde su exclusion de las tomas de decisiones, antes que por su peso poblacional--, ver por ejemplo Agudelo 2005; Albo 2003; Bareiro, Lopez, Soto y Soto 2004; Borrero 2003; Brett 2006; Cunin 2003 y 2005; Escandon 2011; Gros 2000; Gros y Dumoulin 2012; Guerrero y Ospina 2003; Lacroix 2005; Laurent 2005, 2012c y 2015; Le Bot 1994; Massal 2005; Ortiz 2004 y 2007; Recondo 2001; Van Cott 1995 y 2005; Yashar 2008; Wills 2007.
Manuel Rodriguez, a partner in the firm's Corporate, Mergers and acquisitions practice led the ARHMF team comprised of attorneys Victor Recondo and Massimiliano Teia.
Major Sponsors are: Strategic Tactics of Protection, LLC, ReaGuns, Defender Ammunition, Dan McGuire of State Farm, Xtreme Velocity Outdoors, Advanced Holster, Down East Hearing Care, Shooters Supply, The Range Complex, Money Quick Pawn Shop, Recondo Operations Group, and House Representative John Szoka (District 45).