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RECPRenewable Energy Cooperation Programme (Africa-EU Energy Partnership)
RECPRecovery Pending
RECPRolled Erosion Control Product
RECPRegional Emergency Coordination Plan
RECPRadiation Exposure Compensation Program
RECPRenewable Energy Commercialisation Program (Australia)
RECPRice Export Corporation of Pakistan
RECPRequest for Engineering Change Proposal
RECPRegional Emergency Services Communications Planner
RECPRural Environmental Conservation Program
RECPRecord Engineering Change Proposal
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The RECP is responding to this skills shortage by supporting exchange between policymakers in the regions as well as by providing advisory support and trainings.
1, el MMNB muestra la RECP mas pequena para la estimacion de a, excepto cuando G = 2 y [mayor que o igual a] > 200, donde ML se desempeno mejor.
ITDI designs the RECP program to establish support mechanisms for the industrial sector, particularly the MSMEs, in the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of cost-effective technologies for cleaner production.
ST-2722 (Legacy strain) appears to have resulted from a mutation identified in the recP gene that coincided with acquisition of multidrug resistance, including a ceftriaxone MIC of 6.0 [micro]g/mL, and acquisition of capsular DNA associated with the 19A serotype.
For applications where natural vegetation alone will not provide sufficient protection from soil erosion under concentrated flow conditions or provide sufficient long-term erosion protection, a permanent RECP may be used.
COG's challenge was to identify the "go-to" agencies and organizations in each sector as established by the 15 ESFs to help it assemble the information needed for the creation of the RECP. Its most active partners included in the Greater Washington Board of Trade/Potomac Conference and the Red Cross of the National Capital Area.
The committee directed the RECP to introduce higher quality rice for sale in the international market.
For recp 750e drill of abocp of block-ii area with external and internal thread repairing along with to and fro transportation.
Spector Group, a LEED accredited architecture, interior and planning firm, is serving as the prime architect and interior designer for two design and renovation projects for Real Estate Capital Partners (RECP) tenants at 229 West 36th Street.
The fund is ambitiously dubbed the Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP).
Ebot Michell's "Recp.t for the Scurvy" was found in a 100-page household book "Ebot Michell Her Book 1707" discovered in a house in Hasfield, Gloucestershire.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) established the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program (RECP), which is administered by its Civil Division's Torts Branch.