REDASReal Estate Developers' Association of Singapore
REDASRotating Equipment Data Acquisition System (engineering)
REDASRegional Economic Development and Schools (Canada)
REDASReduced to Apprentice Seaman (US Navy)
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Under the MOA, the DOE and Phivolcs would undertake and pursue intensive REDAS training, endeavor knowledge and resources sharing to complement each other on the implementation of the program, among other assistance and cooperation needed for the attainment of the goals and objectives to prepare the energy sector on possible earthquake hazards.
'If you want to build a nuclear plant, you can use REDAS to find the different hazards, whether there's a fault or you can use the Phivolcs fault finder app,' he said.
The signing of the memorandum agreement between DOE-Phivolcs is entitleda(c) 'Capacity Enhancement of the Energy Sector on Hazard, Risk Assessment and Exposure Database Development Through the Use of the Redas Software.'
* Developing training programs for the REDAs has been difficult since each one has its own grassroots planning strategy.
* Broad stakeholder involvement: REDAs should represent as broad a mix of interests as possible within their respective regions.
Consequently, the government will let REDAs define their own boundaries.
* Regional autonomy: REDAs are nongovernmental, legal entities which manage themselves, set their own priorities, and tailor their services to local needs.
The Saskatchewan Department of Economic Development created the Regional Economic Development Authority (REDA) program for communities to coordinate their economic development efforts and become more effective at job creation.
The members of each REDA determine how they will meet the goals and set the strategic plan.
Although the local partners set their own strategies for the REDA, two organizational patterns have started to emerge.