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REDBOOKFire Support Functional Definition Document (US Army)
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According to some historians, the Pygmies used to go to the battle, mounted on the backs of goats and rams; but such animals as these must have been far too big for Pygmies to ride upon; so that, I rather suppose, they rode on squirrel-back, or rabbit-back, or redbook, or perhaps got upon hedgehogs, whose prickly quills would be very terrible to the enemy.
Sue Katzen has been appointed publisher of Redbook.
People who think that Geoff Spar is the Hottest Husband can vote for him by going online to the Redbook website at www.
Redbook is using the Print-to-Pin solution to facilitate a direct connection from print to Pinterest in the currently available July issue, while Cosmopolitan will roll out their Print-to-Pin solution in the September issue.
On the plus side, Dunaway writes that Wolfe was "one of the stylists of twentieth-century American literature," and he notes that "The Lost Boy" appeared in an issue of Redbook that also "featured original fiction by Sherwood Anderson.
Though it is currently out of print, the Redbook is freely available in PDF format at: http://rredc.
The input from the surveys was originally going to contribute to an article for RedBook magazine along the lines of the same subject but instead of the few-hundred responses expected nearly 10,000 were received.
Well-known for its fiction offerings until being sold to Hearst Publications in 1982, Redbook presented a recognizabl y literate and feminist audience for Morrison's novel.
has launched an online petition drive against Redbook Magazine for refusing to carry an advertisement by the National Abortion Federation promoting the abortion pill.
Just before we dropped, one of the magazine lists, Redbook, had a cover article on Christie (in which she got in a nice plug for the newsletter that brought in white mail orders).
which owns 50 percent of Lifetime, also owns Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Marie Claire magazines--affording ample opportunity for you-build-my-brand-I'll-build-yours synergy.
Redbook and Ladies' Home Journal were must-reads for older suburban housewives, while Mademoiselle and Glamour aimed for college girls and middle class "young marrieds.