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REDEXReducible Expression (lambda calculus)
REDEXRanging Equipment Diagnostic Expert (system)
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Redex Industries' commitment to innovation is evident with such activities as the planned introduction of two new SKUs--a body cream made with shea butter and a hand cream featuring vitamin E--in the first quarter of 2016.
Let r be a redex in soliton graph G, and assume that [G.
OLD bangers everywhere can be saved from the scrapheap, says Holt Lloyd in launching its latest Redex Oil Additive treatments.
Orthogonal systems have the property that in every term t not in normal form, there exists a redex called needed that must "eventually" be reduced to compute the normal form of t [Huet and Levy 1991; Klop and Middeldorp 1991; O'Donnell 1977].
pos]) is called redex, its nodes redex nodes, its edges redex edges.
But that was also when you had an ambling pensioner or a spotty youth coming out of the booth and pumping your chosen liquid (plus a squirt from the Redex can) into the car for you while you just sat there counting the dead flies on your windscreen (were there really more flies in those days as well?
PHOTO : Louisiana-Pacific offers Arcata industrial particleboard, Redex phenolic particleboard, Oro-pine MDF and Missoula ultraviolet treated particleboard.
MAGPOWR Maxcess International Merobel Redex Montalvo Corporation Tapeswitch Corporation Tidland Corporation
Once the secret of America's heartland, Udderly Smooth has been making even the driest and most chapped skin feel "udderly smooth" for more than 40 years, according to Lorraine Winterink, director of marketing for Redex.
Siglos XVI-XVIII>>, REDEX, Revista de Educacion de Extremadura, 2 (2011), pp.
I] means that there is an f in F and [there exist]p [member of] P which has a redex in f.