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REDIALRéseau Européen d'Information et de Documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (French: European Network for Information and Documentation on Latin America)
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A renglon seguido, encontramos el texto de Laura Betancur y Enrique Prieto, quienes a partir de un estudio centrado en los programas de clase de varias universidades bogotanas dan cuenta de las preocupaciones que convocan a REDIAL. En tercer lugar, esta el texto de Fabia Vecoso, quien sirviendose del enfoque historico propuesto por Orford hace un analisis de las conferencias latinoamericanas sobre educacion que se celebraron en el pasado, esto con el objeto de resaltar su utilidad a la hora de leer la forma como hoy en dia se ensena e investiga el derecho internacional.
If he hadn't pressed the redial button, I hate to think what the outcome could have been.
The device was originally designed to redial phone numbers that are constantly busy.
The phone offers colour displays, caller ID, storage for up to 100 address book entries, polyphonic ringtones and support for mute, hold, redial and text messaging.
The user can access features such as conference calling and call forwarding and make use of the telephone's features, for example caller ID, redial and speed dial.
The new IP phone offers both sips (RFC2246) and SRTP (RFC3711) and numerous other features: graphic display (two-line); three dynamic softkeys; five programmable function keys with LEDs; RFC 3261-compliant SIP stack; an optional H.323/H.450 stack; NAT support (UPnP, STUN, ICE); dual Ethernet connection; national language support; blind and attended transfer; call hold/call wait; music on hold support; HTTP server; phone book; three-way conference call; redial; downloadable WAV-ring tones; DTMF (RFC2833); call completion; call divert; number guessing; speed dialing; hands-free mode dialing; missed calls/accepted calls; and call waiting indication.
Of course, you already know the crook's mistake: He put his phone in his pocket and accidentally hit redial. The entire conversation was captured on tape--the criminal was captured as well.
Handsets can be personalized for each individual user with programmable ring tones, the ability to select the navigation language displayed--English, German, French or Spanish, personal phone books with storage for 40 additional numbers in each handset and storage for 20 numbers in the missed call and redial memory.
During the next three months, a message will inform callers of the new phone number, and they will need to redial using the 364 prefix.
Entertaining as this is, it is still a real phone, not a toy, with a choice between tone or pulse push-button dialing, last number redial, and switchable messages.
If a line is busy, or there is no voice-mail system, SoundBite will redial the number several times.
Use the handset to store up to 200 numbers in the phone bank, control the volume of your Bang & Olufsen audio and visual equipment, view your caller ID, and redial any of your latest 24 calls.