REDISResource and Environmental Data Interpretation System (New Zealand)
REDISRegional Emergency Department Information System (Canada)
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The remote village, called ABU GHURAQD, is situated around 30km from Abu Redis and includes 35 families, a mosque, a school, a small medical centre and three farms.
- Database Monitoring tab with performance and availability support for MySQL, Oracle, Redis, MongoDB, MemCached, CouchDB, PostGreSQL, Cassandra, SQL Server, and Azure SQL Database
It uses the Redis database as metadata index to improve the efficiency of high concurrent retrieval.
An observer may push the received event through a messaging system, such as Redis [29], to other nodes in the cluster that further mediate it to the clients.
There are also other commercial approaches with similar time complexity, like Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, but they work only in the cloud and are not necessarily cheap.
Spark joins Neo4j, SAP HANA, Redis and AgensGraph, among others in supporting Cypher, the world's leading declarative graph query language, as the widespread openCypher initiative expands its reach.
Send relies on Node.js code backed by a Redis database running on Amazon Web Services.
* Store air quality data using Azure Redis Cache* from Microsoft Azure*, Redis Store* from IBM Bluemix*, or Elasticache* using Redis* from Amazon Web Services (AWS)*, different cloud services for connecting IoT solutions including data analysis, machine learning, and a variety of productivity tools to simplify the process of connecting your sensors to the cloud and getting your IoT project up and running quickly.