REDLRural Economic Development Loan (United States Department of Agriculture)
REDLRat Extensor Digitorum Longus (anatomy)
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On Capitol Hill, House E&CCommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) jointly expressed their pleasure of the Senate's OK of Redl.
This search has the immigrant living in two worlds "neither here nor there" (Redl 1996, 24), neither completely in Canada, nor completely in their countries of origin (De Peuter 1991).
"The combination of royalty, racing cars and a Bavarian setting uses all potential cliches of what Germany is to the Chinese," says Anke Redl, who works for German Films, the foreign representative of German films, in Beijing.
Bien que des auteurs comme Kurt Eissler (1950), Redl et Wineman (1951) ainsi que Mailloux (1971) decrivent comment l'agir vient <<a la place>> d'un ressenti d'angoisse ou de deplaisir; et bien que Balier (1988) decrive une <<tendance incoercible a la decharge>> (1988, p.
I spoke with Mark Redl, product manager and Team Colt member, who mentioned the pistol isn't put together in a special assembly cell within the plant.
Los sistemas de monitorizacion de senales electrocardiograficas (Davis, 2008) en pacientes tienen actualmente un area de cobertura limitada al centro hospitalario, no ha habido desarrollos que permitan tener una cobertura con un sistema de posicionamiento global GPS (Amaya & Carrera, 2010) (, 2012) (Pozo, Ribeiro, & Sandoval, 2000), ni su transmision a traves de una red movil GSM (Reyes, 2007) (Redl, 2002) (Siemens, 2011).
This emerges from studies of small groups where self-identification, reputation, sociometric position, and observational methods are compared (Lippit, Polansky, Redl, & Rosen, 1952) as well as from studies in the opinion leader tradition (Weimann, 1994).
[16.] Roumen RM, Redl H, Schlag G, Zilow G, Sandtner W, Koller W, et al.
Temas estos presentes en sus grandes peliculas, Mefisto, Coronel Redl, Confianza (dentro de lo mejor que se produjo tras la famosa Cortina de Hierro), que se entienden mejor cuando se conoce el pasado de delator del propio realizador.
Today, the top Colt-sponsored shooter is probably Mark Redl.
(16.) Morgenthalter NG, Miiller B, Struck J, Bergmann A, Redl H, Christ-Crain M.
Austrian teacher and child psychiatrist Fritz Redl apparently used to tell parents in his group meetings that there were three things they needed to know about raising children: "Example, example, example."