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REDORegional Economic Development Organization (various locations)
REDORawalpindi Eye Donors Organization (Pakistan)
REDORural Economic Development Organization (est. 1989; North Carolina)
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Deck ReDo has served Minnesota homeowners for over 20 years, offering top of the line deck staining, deck refinishing, and deck restoration services.
Sometimes the lantern salesman held a light close to Redo's face so he could count the day's wages, or let him watch while he duped a foreigner.
The same happened in Aga district in Daqahleya, which will also hold a redo of the previous parliamentary elections.
Maybe, I say Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]maybeEoe1/4ao, I may try to redo my solos.
The main disadvantage of logical standby database is that it requires additional hardware resources, necessary for redo data processing and application into SQL command forms and its consecutive execution on logical standby database (Lacko, 2002).
Cronbach alpha coefficients were calculated for each of the treatment vignettes and ranged from .92 (Redo Assignment) to .96 (Review Board).
Speaking at the group's monthly luncheon, Swig revealed, "After 9/11, I bought everything I could downtown, because I saw that they were going to redo the transportation system, which had been lacking.
When the construction team picked Carol Crawford Smith, a former Dance Theatre of Harlem member who now lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, she needed more than a simple redo. Smith had founded the nearby Center of Dance in 1994, but has suffered recently from multiple sclerosis.
University president David Skorton and other school officials condemned the threats but said they have no immediate plans to redo the locker room.
The various beasts are occupied, too: Tock the croc is trying to redo the moat, while Ffup the dragon is planning her wedding to the Sleeper, a Loch Ness monster-type beast.
Red Gate Software has released a new product called SQL Log Rescue that enables undo and redo of individual SQL Server database transactions, protecting users from lost data and eliminating expensive downtime.