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REDUCERisk Education to Decrease Ulcer Complications and Their Effects from NSAIDs
REDUCEResearch and Education to Decrease Unnecessary Cesarean (American College of Nurse-Midwives; Silver Spring, MD)
REDUCERapid Early Development Unit Cost Estimation
REDUCERestrict and Eliminate Delivery of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Act
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As your adjusted gross income (AGI) increases, the new provisions reduce the amount of your exemptions and deductions, thereby increasing taxable income.
Or, they can take matters in their own hands by using AdminisTEP to resolve many of these issues and reduce costs.
The company's energy specialists will identify specific projects that may reduce electric load and qualify for incentive payments.
By using a mechanical, operational and chemical approach, mills and their suppliers can work together to reduce the amount of chemicals being used.
NPSI also suggests purchasing water-saving equipment, reducing the amount of pool water to prevent wasteful splashing, and maintaining your pool often to reduce excess cleaning and backrwashing.
To the extent the stock-basis reduction exceeds the lower-tier member's tax attributes, such excess does not reduce tax attributes attributable to any other group member.
It is just a worthwhile thing to do to protect the environment, and a lot of times you can do projects that help the environment as well as help efficiency at the mill and reduce costs, so it is a win-win (decision)," she adds.
If you can reduce the cost to the OEM by increasing the use and functionality of a single coating," says Taljan, "everybody wins.
The technology to reduce tailpipe emissions is already known.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a plan to reduce nitrate runoff from farms in the Mississippi River watershed.
Often, considerable energy is needed to reduce agglomerates to their primary particles.
In an effort to counter the trend toward costly overregulation, the banking agencies have worked both individually and as a group to identify administratively imposed burden and, insofar as possible, to reduce it.