REECORenewable Energy Exhibition and Conference Group (Reutlingen, Germany)
REECOReynolds Electrical and Engineering Company, Inc.
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Organised by: REECO GmbH - Address: ICC Berlin, Neue Kantstra[sz]e/Ecke Messedamm, 14057 Berlin.
3) In 1965, the Atomic Energy Commission encouraged the formation of the CER Geonuclear Corporation, a joint venture of the Continental Oil Company, EG&G, and REECo.
Those responsibilities would be a nightmare without a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) used by both San Diego Utilities and REECo.
Shaner's responsibilities within REECo include maintaining 13 wells and 97 miles of water lines where 15 MG of water per week are pumped throughout the test site.
When REECo decided to upgrade, it requested demo's from a variety of CMMS companies, reviewed each demo, and selected Hemisphere.
The program allows multiple plants and/or warehouses to be maintained on a single system, yet each division can be set up to operate separately, as in the case at REECo.
Among the organisers is Swans fanatic Stephen Rees, otherwise known as Reeco.