REEDARedness, Edema, Ecchymosis, Drainage, Approximation
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The women treated with the Aloe vera gel had significantly lower REEDA scores (0.
The use of Aloe Vera ointment resulted in statistically significant differences detected by the REEDA scores 5 days after episiotomy, compared with Betadine used by control group.
All three outcome measures (pain score, REEDA score and total number of pain medications) showed significant differences between the experimental and control groups.
000 Table 3: Comparison of REEDA (Redness, Edema, Ecchmosis, Discharge and Approximation) Scales between control and experimental group pre intervention.
Initially wound healing status was assessed in supine position on day 7 and 14 post surgery using REEDA scale.
REEDA items scores between the groups, but on the 7th and 14th days except for discharge and approximation of wound edges, the other items of REEDA scale were significantly different among the groups (Table 2).
The total score of the REEDA was lower, as were all of the criteria bar ecchymosis.