REEEPRenewable Energy and Energy Efficient Partnership
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IRENA and REEEP aim to update and improve the thesaurus continuously and welcome experts and partners to join the initiative to further develop the tagger.
Joining forces with REEEP , which has a wide membership, is the first step in this direction.
Irena and REEEP have identified several areas of common interest and both will jointly develop projects and activities to fulfil organisational missions.
Irena and REEEP have been involved in the past months in a dialogue on the project, which has now been formalised under the MoU, the spokesperson said.
Here, REEEP has a longstanding partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which integrated both renewable energy and energy efficiency measures into the framework that it applied to evaluate the carbon footprint of FT 500 companies.
REEEP, along with energy research institute TERI, is spearheading the "lighting a billion lives" campaign, which seeks to replace kerosene and paraffin lanterns with solar devices.
Every year REEEP announces a call for project proposals that support the development of markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency and engage government and financing institutions in its effort to improve the uptake of RE (Renewable Energy) and EE (Energy Efficiency) technologies.
The seventh Call for Proposals for regular projects for REEEP closed on November 2008.
Mexican Energy Secretary Fernando Elizondo Barragan inaugurated the meeting that highlighted the signing of an agreement between REEEP and the Energy Regulatory Comission (CRE).
This project is setting the stage for not only Durban, but the wider region as well, said Eva Oberender, Director of Programme at REEEP.
The Director-General of REEEP - Martin Hiller stated, One of the new projects will open up energy access data in Ghana through a database populated with all relevant energy statistics.
According to REEEP programme director Eva Oberender, the schemes are eyeing the establishment of solar-powered cold storage for fishing communities in Indonesia, solar-powered pumps for irrigation in Kenya and Burkina Faso and enhancements in energy efficiency in Chinese agriculture.