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REELResearch Evidence in Education Library (UK)
REELReceptive-Expressive Emergent Language (language impairment test)
REELResearch Experiences to Enhance Learning (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
REELReal Estate Environmental Liability
REELRamky Enviro Engineers Ltd. (est. 2006; Hyderabad, India)
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Up with the reel! The dead, blind wall butts all inquiring heads at last.
And when the King had ridden off she took the little shirts and went into the wood, and the reel showed her the way.
"Bait up, Harve," said Dan, diving for a line on the reel.
I have, therefore, made up my mind to tell you, that I do not want to dance a reel at all-- and now despise me if you dare."
Surgeon-Major Thomson reeled for a moment and caught at the paling by his side.
At the end of the reel, Elam Harnish called the house up to drink again.
Suddenly seemed to reel, And the sky above my head became
He reeled backward, and saved himself from falling by a blind clutching for the ropes.
He reeled and fell partly upon Potter, flooding him with his blood, and in the same moment the clouds blotted out the dreadful spectacle and the two frightened boys went speeding away in the dark.
Cadwallader, going on with the arrangement of the reels which he had just been turning.
Vaguely, too, I remember, my father carried me in his arms to the trees on the edge of the field, while all the world reeled and swung about me, and I was aware of deadly nausea mingled with an appalling conviction of sin.
In the presence of what I saw I reeled straight back upon my resistance.