REESSRechargeable Energy Storage Systems (UN Economic Commission for Europe)
REESSResearch Experience in Earth System Science
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This re gulation sets out the requirements for installed electrical equipment and, above all, the safety requirements for the REESS. It lists a number of technical parameters and describes methods of their testing.
The main purpose of this investigation relates to the strength of the REESS upon the collision of an electric bus with a heavy barrier.
The acceleration pulse that acts on the REESS is clearly defined in the UN/ECE 100.2 regulation [9].
The focus is on the front REESS crashworthiness and its attachment during a collision.
The fundamental component in both models (front and rear part of the electric bus) is the model of the REESS. It was designed for exploring both longitudinal and transverse accelerations.
The structure of the REESS is made of the S235 material [6].
--S355, sheet thickness: 5 mm (brackets for REESS attachment)
When asked about the new dates, Reess Kennedy at Cable U, a sister company of CABLL ready, was on the opposite side of the spectrum: "MIP is really important and people try to maximize their investment in it.