REFCRiverview Evangelical Free Church (Califronia)
REFCRural Electrification Financing Corporation (Philippines)
REFCRural Education Finance Center
REFCReebok Equipped Fitness Club (Germany)
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REFC has developed a proposal to provide "plain vanilla" mortgage financing at the prevailing market rate to our client, Developer; however, when the company details the expected cash flows for the first five years of this mortgage on a spreadsheet, it is evident that the liquidity risks in the early years are unacceptably high, both for us and for Developer.
As soon as REFC begins to structure a claim on cash flows that normally belong to equity holders, the options for that structure become almost unlimited.
REFC is competing with other potential providers of financing; there is no point in proposing a plan that is wonderful for REFC there is reason to expect our prospective client to reject it.
I do not permit this presentation to be more than three pages long, but it must include a Cash Flow Statement on an Excel spreadsheet specifying the key cash flows expected under the proposal, the resulting Current Returns by year, and the expected Total Return on Investment for REFC.