REFETReference Field Effect Transistor
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The team conducting the talks with the EC included Agneza Rusi, Zoran Popov, Refet Hajdari and Elena Georgievska from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Svetlana Vlahovik-Dimanovska, Gordana Demnieva, Sande Kitanov and Sasko Kocev for the Ministry of the Interior, Gorica Atanasova from the Ministry of Justice, Ana Angelovska from the Secretariat for European Affairs, Ljupco Farmakoski from the Government Commission for Integrated Border Management, and Aleksandar Stojkov from the Office for Prevention of Money Laundering of the Ministry of Finance.
Buyuk ATA'nin Kazim Karabekir, Rauf Orbay ve Refet Bele gibi temel direklerle ayri dusmesi, "Mustafa" filmi vb'ne ragmen, hala "Benim manevi mirasim akil ve bilimdir." vasiyetine cok siki bagliyim.
The children's mother Refet Parveen, aged 30, who also has an eight-year-old son, Hamza, and daughter Huma, aged six, said: "There's no doubt that my neighbour saved our children's lives and we can't thank him enough.
A evapotranspiracao de referencia foi entao calculada, em base diaria, pelo metodo de Penman-Monteith, utilizando-se o programa REFET. O municipio de Nova Porteirinha abrange parte do perimetro de irrigacao Gorutuba.
To give another example, in research presented at a meeting of the Monetary Economics program, Refet Gurkaynak, Andrew Levin, and Eric Swanson use the response of financial market variables to discrete monetary policy actions and to other discrete macroeconomic developments (notably data releases) to provide evidence about whether explicit inflation targeting keeps long-term inflation expectations stable.
Halide Edip quoted Refet Pasha, who was charge of supplies: We owe our success to the Anatolian peasant women.
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Of course, the expectation hypothesis does not hold, and movements in the term premium are key drivers of yields, as has been documented--for example, by Refet Giirkaynak and Jonathan Wright (2012) and by Crump, Eusepi, and Moench (2017).