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The commercial fishery observers (REFM) listed date of trawl, trawl number, year, gear (mostly pelagic trawl with a few bottom trawls listed), latitude and longitude of the trawl location, depth in meters at which the gear was fished, and the depth of the ocean floor at the trawl location.
Ragfish catch locations reported in the RACE and REFM programs ranged from Pt.
Temperature records accompanying ragfish captures reported in NMFS databases (RACE and REFM) are in the normal "cold-water" range (7.5[degrees]10[degrees]C); however, temperatures as low as 2.5[degrees]C have been reported with ragfish taken at deeper depths (Fig.
My initial analysis of the NMFS (RACE, REFM programs) ragfish size data, presented in this paper, supports the hypothesis of juvenile ragfish being more abundant at the southern end of their range in the eastern Pacific as well as in the western Pacific Ocean off Japan (Kubota and Uyeno, 1971).
The NMFS Observer Program (REFM) between 1990 and 1999 recorded 523 ragfish (Table 3, Fishery Observers, col.
Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management Division (REFM) is under the direction of R.