REFORete Evangelica Fede e Omosessualità
REFORegroupement des Ergothérapeutes Francophones de l'Ontario
REFORapid Equipment Fielding Office (US Army)
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'Our refo program does not only involve us and our contractors planting trees in our host municipalities, but also us donating seedlings to local governments, schools, and other institutions that have established projects on and are adamant about environmental protection,' Julius Bayogan, EQMED manager, said in an interview.
(77) See Refo, supra note 19, at 2 (noting that in 2002, less than two percent of federal civil cases were disposed of by a jury trial).
(312) See, e.g., Patricia Lee Refo, The Vanishing Trial, 1 J.
Sardar Singh opined that the transfer of subjects to popular control could be affected even without making an alteration in the existing Act.46 The Un ion is t Party also f avo red the extensio n of refo rms leadin g to provincial autonomy.
creation of the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office (REFO), a
there is a "strong However, these are i would be looked successful referendum been hopes that the ov system would be refo Yes vote so Wales w cash allocation based Mr Alexander has rule the foreseeable future.
459 (2004); Patricia Lee Refo, The Vanishing Trial, LITIGATION, Winter 2004, at 1.
When Trish Refo was chair of the Section of Litigation of the American Bar Association, she commissioned a study of the vanishing jury trial and confirmed these and other statistics.
Northern, which makes Fox's biscuits and other well-known brands including Dalepak and Good fella's pizza, said in March that it was on course to beat original market expectations after saying it had successfully bolstered its fortunes by ditching lower-margin business and refo cusing on faster-growing markets, such as ready meals, sandwiches and salads and puddings.
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The key to this refo rm working is strict enforcement of job search requirements.