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REFSResilient File System (Microsoft)
REFSRehabilitation of Economic Facilities (USAID; Afghanistan)
REFSReally Essential Financial Statistics (publication; UK)
REFSInternational Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Services (IEEE)
REFSRing Experienced Fight Specialists (est. 2000)
REFSReal-Time Electronic Flight Data System (air traffic management system)
REFSRegional Extended Family Service (Australia)
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Organolithium initiators maintain a partial covalent character to their bonding that allows for aggregation phenomena in hydrocarbon solutions (refs. 7 and 8).
The RPA displayed superior statistical test sensitivity as measured from signal-to-noise (S/N) calculations (ref. 4).
This technology is currently used commercially in a premium tennis ball produced by Wilson Sporting Goods (ref. 1).
Development of specific formulations, reactive processing approaches and optimization of rheological and mechanical properties were previously reported (refs. 7, 8 and 27).
The largest source of variation reported by Scott (ref. 11) was the lack of agreement between laboratories.
Our own research (refs. 11 and 12) concerning rubber-thermoplastics combinations suitable for two-component injection molding shows a good adhesion of PA 12 and PA 6.12 on different X-NBRs.
Similar to what previous workers found with polyamines (ref. 20) and quaternary ammonium salts (refs.
Also, observation of material during the incorporation step (refs. 19 and 20) can hardly be described as a continuum.
A representation of the specific constrained geometry catalyst is shown in figure 1 (ref. 6).
In 1957 (ref. 8), a process was described for the manufacture of polystyrene/polydiene block copolymers using alkyllithium initiators.
Strain invariants of the Green deformation tensor are defined by Rivlin (ref. 2) as:
Correlation coefficients (r) for the statistical power law regressions for both the capillary rheometer and RPA data were calculated and reported in earlier work in 2000 (ref. 21).