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REGEXPRegular Expression
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The RegExp filter was configured to add JavaScript allowing us to achieve this effect on all HTML pages served via the PAW proxy.
query:= SELECT [select_clause] FROM from_clause WHERE condition_clause [USING algorithm_clause] [EVALUATED EVERY time_unit] select_clause:= [list:] statement* statement:= unix_program argument*; from_clause:= path* path:= step* node_name; step:= node_name, link_name, { (node_name, link_name), link_name, condition_clause = condition* condition:= [list :] statement; I name IN { ulist };I FILL name AS IN file_name [WITH assignments] ;I RUN statement IF name UNKNOWN IN file_name; algorithm_clause:= statement name:= node_name | link_name list:= name (,name)* ulist := URLlist | REGlist URLlist := url [,url]* REGlist := regexp [,regexp]* assignments := string=" string" [,string="string"]* --node__name and link__name are C strings.
* RegExp generator allows to specify the name of a generator in the editor using the template $"generatorName".