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REGIRaptor Education Group Inc (Wisconsin)
REGIRetired Employee Group Insurance (Nevada)
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But programmes did not always focus on results and targets were not consistent or clear enough ", pointed out COTER chair, Mr Raffaele Cattaneo, president of the Lombardia Regional Council, adding that: "We share with our REGI colleagues a strong commitment to make this massive investment plan for Europe worth 637bn until 2020 work better, deliver its promises for the all Europeans and become more visible so that citizens, businesses and all decision makers are fully aware of what it at stake when we discuss its future ".
Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, responded by cutting the discussion short: "The compromise that will be put to vote will be a result of discussions between the Council and the REGI committee.
The REGI committee also prefers to see funds for Objective 3 allocated by cooperation programme, rather than by member state, which is the case today.
REGI US Inc is commercialising an improved axial vane type rotary engine.
This delay could also hold up the vote on the multiannual financial framework (MFF) as Parliament has always said that the dossiers were linked (unless an agreement is reached on 17 October, followed by an express REGI committee meeting or an agreement between negotiators and coordinators).
The companies have a common objective of developing a clean-burning new source of power for vehicles, which are currently using gasoline-driven piston engines," said REGI and Reg Technologies president John Robertson.
According to REGI, the motor is compact and quiet-running and is capable of operating on multiple fuels, including natural gas and heavy fuels.