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Abdel Aal further stated, "Constitution is set by the Egyptians and it is owned by the Egyptians and no one can amend it without the consent of the Egyptian people." Regarding Regini's case Abdel Aal said, "We want to find out the truth not to invent it; assuring we investigate in this case coordinating with the Italian police." "Regini's Case is under the political leaders and the Egyptian Parliament spot to find out the murder circumstances.
Such transformation also requires flexibility in the attitudes of the social partners (Esping-Andersen and Regini, 2000) to facilitate coordination between employers and employees at both central and industry level.
Abdel Aal highlighted that cases similar to Regini's murder may take time, noting that Egypt vows to cooperate with full transparency with the Italian authorities, which reflects the size and nature of the solid relations between the two countries.
Regini was found killed in Egypt during the time of the revolution in 2012 while he was completing his PhD from Cambridge.
And she credits sparring with her own 21-year-old daughter, Rachele Regini -- who she jokingly calls "Miss No" -- with helping to sharpen her view.
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In a statement released Thursday, the Italian foreign ministry said that it had urgently summoned the Egyptian ambassador over Regini's death, and sought "full cooperation at all levels" from Egyptian authorities.
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