REGPRural Employment Generation Programme (India)
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His first mission will be to work with the CCR regional cabinet to appoint the REGP board members.
The REGP plays a critical role in looking at the decisions we make, and provides a different perspective from private, public and third sector partners in assessing the effectiveness of our investment proposals.
Andrew Morgan, chairman of the CCR regional cabinet and leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, said: "The REGP board will play an extremely important role in shaping the City Deal.
Where the dependent variable, yi is standard deviation of relative prices ( r ij ) for each of 595 pairs representing short-run relative price behaviour; Beta 0 is intercept; RDi is a vector of provincial dummies in the set (REG, REGP, REGB, REGS, REGKP, P, B, S, KP); Beta 1 is the corresponding vector of coefficients and (Epsilon)i is the error term for i = 1, 2, 3, a[euro]|a[euro]| 595.
It goes without saying that whoever takes on this role will need to be politically astute and understand the context of the REGP, be experienced at dealing with numerous stakeholders and have an extensive network, across sectors at senior leadership level.
Huw Thomas, the CCR's portfolio coleader on economic development and leader of Cardiff council, said: "The chair of the REGP will play a key role in making sure our Cardiff Capital Region Cabinet is making the right decisions.