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REGSRural Employment Guarantee Scheme
REGSResearch Epidemiology Geographic Software
REGSRapid Export Growth Strategy (Pakistan)
REGSResearch Excellence Grants Scheme (Murdoch University; Australia)
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Treasury and the IRS explain in the preamble to the proposed regulations that the addition of the GPA language to Regs.
62) Sheryl Stratton, Circular 230 Regs "Federalize" Tax Practice, Treasury Told, 2005 TNT 10-2 (Jan.
Waiver's Scope: Under this initiative, the IRS will waive the filing deadlines set forth in Regs.
6662 at the time the taxpayer requests relief (taking into account any qualified amended return filed within the meaning of Regs.
Construction activities have been expanded to include demolition and land grading; see Regs.
a partnership hedging the risk of an affiliated corporation); see Regs.
parent enters into a new GRA (for the remainder of the original five-year term), in which it agrees to recognize the gain that is the subject of the original GRA, and substituting the successor transferee foreign corporation for the original transferee foreign corporation, and agreeing to treat the successor transferee corporation as the original transferee foreign corporation for purposes of Regs.
This broad grant of authority, however, is constrained by Regs.
Obligations that qualify as liabilities under Regs.
Basis calculations often fail to consider the positive effect Regs.
If it does not, local law will be deemed to be part of the agreement, under Regs.