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Royal Warwickshire Regt Assn: Meets the first Sun of month at 12pm at BUSC, Gough Street.
A Coy 1 Para Regt: "The Intelligence briefing on the 24th said there was going to be trouble today!"
For example, I think it is misleading to take Giere as the scientific realist semanticist to van Fraassen's constructive empiricist semanticist, as de Regt does, for although Giere is a realist of sorts, he emphasizes the non-propositional nature of scientific representation (see, for example, his recent presidential address to the PSA), and thus does not make common cause with the traditional realist who treats theories as sets of statements about the world, and then defends the claim that they are literally true.
17th (Leicestershire) Regt 1830 to 1836, Sabretache,
As we never saw a newspaper in Eritrea I often wonder how the Welsh Regt got on in Korea.
L/Cpl Beatty and the lads of 7 TPT Regt GP, 17 Sqn, BFPO 662
Winner: F Co, 3d Bn, 69th AR Regt, 3ID, Ft Stewart, GA
Runner-up: C Co, 25th Avn Regt, Wheeler Army Airfield, HI