REHLReal Estate Home Loans (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)
REHLRespiratory Evaporative Heat Loss
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Athelny was not displeased to find someone to whom he could read the translations with which for some time he had amused his leisure; and in his fine, vibrating voice he recited the canticle of the Soul and Christ her lover, the lovely poem which begins with the words en una noche oscura, and the noche serena of Fray Luis de Leon.
In addition to professional expertise, participants identified personal qualities they felt were important for REHL success.
Some participants compared their REHL work with previous experiences as hospital or academic librarians.
But when I'm at [my REHL job], I am involved in a project from beginning to end, I am part of the team, I can see what goes on through the whole lifecycle.
Role evolution was a theme in the narratives of many REHL careers.
Champions were also important to supporting ongoing REHL integration into a research group.
In many cases, it was important for an REHL to also become her own champion.
Several years into her REHL position, Heidi explained, "You can never sort of sit back and say, Okay, that's it.
REHL successes were recognized verbally and in writing in the research environment.
Barbara described wondering if she would still be able to obtain a "real library job, should she need to apply for one in the future after years of REHL work:
Despite not attending much library-oriented CE, interview participants widely recognized the value of librarian peers, and those with local REHL colleagues found them quite useful.
Some participants attributed the upswing in REHL work to the increased competitiveness of health research funding.