REHMReserva Experimental Horco Molle (Spanish: Experimental Horca Molle Reserve; tree studies; Argentina)
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REHM have a complete product range which covers MMA, MIG and TIG welding equipment as well as Plasma Cutting Equipment.
The REHM range will be introduced to the market via a range of distributors who will be picked to ensure the end user receives an exceptional customer service.
Two months after the last recorded REHM, I started the fall term without a single reporter or wacko in the classroom, Bridie doesn't get any more mail or bothersome calls at her real-estate office, and Peggy and Betsy are doing fine in school as well.
I figured sooner or later someone else would get a REHM, so when I read your letter I wasn't all that surprised.
It would be very helpful, she assured me, if they could observe one of the REHMs (Random Escaped Happy Memories) as it actually occurred.
After all, I was the only REHMs carrier on the planet.