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At least 1/3rd of above reinf. Is to be placed in vertical and horizontal direction.
Summary of Specimen's Ductility Ratio Description Model 1 Model 2 Forces at first yield of reinf. -93.90 -83.70 (kN) Displacement at first yield of -7.33 -10.16 reinf.
bid items: 210 cy earth excavation; 140 sy conc pavement, bridge approach, reinf; 60 sf of 6" sidewalk ramp, conc; 25~ guardrail, ty b.
DEFENCE Secretary Geoff Hoon has announced 1,000 extraBritish troops will be sent to Iraq, paving the way for further large-scale reinf or cements .
bid items: 200 sf of 5" thick pc conc sidewalk; 20 sy of 6" pc conc pavement; provide and install 250 lf of 10"x15" re-bar reinf conc playground border.
The building, in 3.5 acres of land, is constr ucted of reinf orced concrete with a can tile ver construction and has a flat roof with tank room and motor room on the roof.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 32,534 cy excavation; 14,000 cy granular borrow; 348 cy compacting backfill; 17,561 tn of 3/4" aggregate type b for base; 5,857 sy wedge milling; 8,989 tn superpave hma pavement; 128,039 lb metal reinf; 62,658 lb epoxy coated metal reinf; 3,233 lf steel h pile; 65 lf of 18" pipe culvert; 70 lf of 12" storm sewer pipe; 5,287 lf of 18" guardrail; 13.650 ac seeding; 800 lf temporary pavement marking; see outside link.
This latest spectacular triumph for Halewood should serve once again to reinf orce the message to anyone considering in vestment on Merseyside that the tired old stereotypes about our workers are truly a thing of the past.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 4,497 cy earth excavation; 2,247 cy topsoil excavation and placement; 2,784 sy of 4" agg base course, ty a; 729 sy of 8" portland cement conc driveway pavement; 19,200 sf of 5" portland cement conc sidewalk; 36" reinf conc pipe elbow, 2 ea; 55 lf of 12" storm sewers, cl a, ty 1; sanitary manholes to be reconstructed, 2 ea.
A spokeswoman for Liverpool City Council said: ``The Mersey waterfront is one of the North West's most en viable assets and the festival reinf orces this message.''
bid items: approx 140 cy undercut excavation (to include all suitable backfill mat~l); 65 sy of 4" x 8~ conc sidewalk; 700 lf of 6"x24" conc curb and gutter, ty 2; 650 lf of 18" width pavement reinf fabric strips, ty 2; 536 lf of 18" h 1-10 storm drain pipe; 7,000 lf of 5" white thermoplastic solid traf stripe.
Liverpool has long been a favoured destination because of the ferry link with Ireland and this has been reinf orced in recent years by the low-cost air link between Liverpool and Belfast.