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REITReal Estate Investment Trust
REITReal Estate Institute of Tasmania
REITReduction in Exercise-Induced Tachycardia (pharmacology)
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Though the law -- called the RMA, REIT Modernization Act -- has received little coverage in mainstream circles, it is anticipated to spur several deals come 2001, perhaps even Vornado's purchase of Insignia.
Specifically, Sharia compliance for an Islamic REIT applies to the utilisation of the real estate, including sub-tenancies, financing of the acquisition and development of the property, as well as cash and liquidity management and property insurance schemes.
Each share of REIT I common stock will be converted into the right to receive, at the election of the holder of such share cash, in an amount equal to the Net Per Share Price or a number of shares of REIT II common stock equal to the Net Per Share Price divided by USD 25.
There are substantial tax advantages for certain types of investors using a REIT to make investments in U.
Baker & McKenzie's Asia-Pacific REIT Group has been at the forefront of ground-breaking REIT transactions in Asia.
Instead of competing with well-established REITs funds, which often drive up A-class prices in bidding wars, newer entrants are looking to B-class, or mid-size, property offerings.
856(c)(7), many debts owed to a REIT by individuals and businesses did not qualify for this exception.
A REIT will hold a mortgage on a property or work out a purchase/lease-back arrangement in which the REIT will, with the assistance of an operator, acquire a property and then lease it back to the operator.
When considering a REIT investment, a key item you should look at is growth potential.
Qualified temporary investment interest includes any income from stock or debt attributable to the temporary investment of new capital received within one year after the REIT received the capital.
The best REIT to entrust your money with is a self-administered operation managed by a fully integrated real estate team.
KBS REIT I Investors who have lost money in KBS REIT Investments are encouraged to contact our securities attorneys to discuss their potential claims for recovery.