REIXReal Estate Insurance Exchange (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
REIXRenewable Energy Index
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Massimo Lodi (1,2) [iD], Andrea Lodi (3) [iD], Nathalie Reix (4,5) [iD], Catherine Tomasetto (2) [iD], Carole Mathelin (1,2,6) [iD]
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To measure the quality of the information systems and relevance of ERP watch, we adopted the idea according to which a representation is relevant if it is appropriate for the action and satisfies its user (Reix, 1999).
Reix, R., 1999, "Les technologies de l'information, facteurs de flexibilite ?", Revue Frangaise de Gestion, mars-mai, 111-119.
Robert Reix, who worked hard to have IS recognised in the field of management science, proposes the following definition: " organised set of resources: hardware, software, personnel, data, procedures enabling people to acquire, process, store and communicate information ...
Reix (2002) suggests another classification of the IS, based on their functionality (trade management, production, accounting and financial management, and human resources).
may be approached from several perspectives: either by appealing to the designated scientific methods and following a strict succession of stages, either by appealing to empirical methods which explore new techniques with the purpose of modelling the system (Reix, 2002).
Jamie Baker beat Clement Reix of France 6-4 6-4 in the first round of qualifying for the GHI Bronx Classic in New York.
Decision-making tools can interact at any stage of the process which includes information gathering (recognising and understanding stimuli), modelling (developing one or several solutions to a problem), choice (choosing between possible solutions) and the carrying out of the chosen solution (Reix, 1995).
Reix (1999), Marciniak and Rowe (1997) and De Ronge (1998) consider that the emerging hypothesis is the most realistic of the three, but that it still needs to be confirmed empirically.
TENNIS: Jamie Baker beat Clement Reix, of France, 6-4 6-4 in the first round of qualifying for the GHI Bronx Classic in New York.